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6 Amazing Ways to Get Free Bitcoins Bitcoin is a type of digital currency operated electronically. Bitcoin was invented anonymously in 2009. It is not printed but circulates electronically from person to person without any control. According to Bloomberg,one unit of Bitcoins surpassed an ounce of Gold by USD 600 in May,2017. The currency can be invested through trading facilitated by companies that act as a form of an exchange for Botcoins. Surprisingly,there are a few legitimate and practical ways to get Bitcoins freely. Playing the Block Chain Game is one way to get free Bitcoins. To play this game, one need’s to have two addresses-the regular email address and a Bitcoin address. A quick visit to Google play will land one at the game. A 2-step sign up process that involves giving the two addresses mentioned above follows. The game would be all fun were it not for the intruding advertisements. The game has levels and the player’s goal is to reach the top most level. A block has to be placed atop the previous one when one plays the game,which is not an easy task. When level 10 is attained,one may cash their Bitcoins out or they may choose to continue with the game.
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Bitcoin popper is another fun-filled game that may get one free Bitcoins. Functioning like a slot machine,the game proves to be a bit tricky. The game has stars that match and some that don’t. A player has to match the stars to win free Bitcoins.
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Roll and Ball is another game that is pretty straight forward to play. The game simply requires the player to use their phones to electronically gather Bitcoins coins found on a table. The game has levels as well. There is usually a video advertisement after each level is completed. The rewards are quite minimal but if one is going to be sitting out a long commute,why not try earning some free coins? Dice can also be played online in some websites to secure some free Bitcoins for a player. Bitcoins so obtained can freely be withdrawn from any place on the globe. Good game handling strategies and a reasonable time investment is a sure way to secure a player some free Bitcoins. For avid book readers,there are certain websites that pay people Bitcoins to read classics. It would really be exciting to get free Bitcoins all while immersed in a great classic. Completing captcha on certain sites will also reward one with some free Bitcoins. People are rewarded in terms of Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin that one may win doing captcha. Satoshi are accumulated and sent to one’s Bitcoin address. There are a number of ways through which one may acquire Bitcoins Online. It is advisable to try the several methods recommended here to get one’s hands on a few Bitcoins,as the currency is increasingly becoming important in the world today.