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Great Tips on Removing Stains from Your Valued Carpets or Upholstery. Most people have no trouble keeping their homes and everything in there clean. No matter how much effort we exert in trying to keep our home and other belongings clean,there will always be that unsightly stain on our treasured rug that we can’t wait to clean out The following cleaning secrets will enable you to keep your carpets as clean as you want. Dab, don’t rub the stains. A clean sponge,piece of cloth or some paper towels can be soaked in a preferred cleaning solution or detergent and then pressed against the stain. The regular shaving cream can amazingly be used to eradicate that unpleasant stain on your carpet. All you have to do is apply some cream on the stained area and let it remain there for half an hour or so. A dry cloth is then used to blot the stain away. Finally,a mixed solution of equal parts of water and vinegar is sprayed on the affected area and the solution wiped away with some cloth.
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We may chew gum or take a walk in the streets and somewhat some sticky glob of chewing gum will end up on our beautiful carpet or upholstery. Do not be anxious,there is a simple solution for that. You sure have a freezer in the house and all you have to do is scoop a few ice cubes and place them on top of the gum. After about thirty seconds,a spoon can be used to lift up the freezed gum and then a sharp object used to carefully cut the carpet as closely as possible to the base of the gum,so that the cut is almost invisible.
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Heat up your iron box,place a piece of cloth(must be white in color)to its lower smooth side and just let the wax melt on to the cloth. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to clean easily noticeable blood stains(especially if the carpet is white) from your carpet. Apply some detergent mixed with water to make dry blood loosen up. Blood should then be scrapped off using an appropriate object. Apply a reasonable amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the bloody spot and then use a dry absorbent cloth to dab at the foam that results when hydrogen peroxide reacts with blood. After every 6 months,you can use an appropriate cleaning machine to do steam cleaning under pressure,which will always get your carpet cleaner than you have ever seen it. Visit your local dealer for a good quality machine or shop online. You can use the tips above to keep your carpet or upholstery looking great for a long time.