Are You Looking For A Sound Janitorial Service In The Bay Area?

JAN-PRO, owned by Premium Franchise Brands, competes with other national cleaning companies and local mom-and-pop services. The company focuses on commercial cleaning and disinfection services. It serves clients in auto dealerships, banks and financial institutions, fitness centers, churches and religious facilities, and medical offices.

The company’s trademark systems include JAN-PRO Signature Clean and JAN-PRO Technics. The company also provides virus disinfection and green cleaning solutions.

Customer Service

The company provides high-quality cleaning and disinfecting services to commercial facilities. Their janitorial staff uses EPA-approved green disinfectants that reduce the spread of germs and prevent cross-contamination. This helps create a healthy workplace for employees and customers alike. They also offer a wide range of specialized cleaning services to cater to specific industries, such as automotive dealerships, schools and churches, fitness centers, and offices.

JAN-PRO is a detail-oriented business with great prices and superb Bay Area janitorial service! Their operations manager is a focused and dedicated man who truly redefines satisfactory service. He is bilingual and always responsive to all clients’ needs!

The company has been in the janitorial and cleaning business for over 25 years. It operates in more than 40 states and Canada. Premium Franchise Brands owns its sister brand, Maid Right, a national in-home cleaning franchise. It offers residential and commercial cleaning services through a network of independent franchisees.


Pricing varies depending on the dimensions of the space to be cleaned, the level of Bay Area janitorial service required, and other factors. It’s also important to note that the company should be licensed, insured, and bonded if something gets damaged or stolen during cleaning. In addition, make sure they have a good reputation in the community.

JAN-PROs are certified green cleaners, which means they use techniques that require fewer chemicals than typical cleaning products. This makes the environment safer, smells better, and is easier on the eyes. They also offer specialized services for several industries. These include auto dealerships, which must keep showrooms clean so customers can see the cars on display and the interior windows. They also sanitize restrooms and offer other cleaning and disinfecting services. Other industries JAN-PRO serves include schools, daycare centers, and preschools, which need sanitizing methods that eliminate pathogens while being safe for young children.

Quality of Work

When you choose a business to work with, the quality of Bay Area janitorial service will always be an essential factor. JAN-PRO is an excellent company, and I highly recommend them. Their team is detail oriented and does a great job. Their operations manager is dedicated to meeting all customer and franchisee needs. His dedication to his customers and franchisees truly redefines satisfactory service. If you’re looking for a quality cleaning company, look no further than JAN-PRO. Their customer retention rate is over 98%. No wonder they are a top choice for facility decision-makers and their employees. They provide professional cleaning and disinfecting services that are second to none. Their recurring revenue allows them to develop infrastructure and improve their community.


The employees provided by JAN-PRO are super detail-oriented and will provide you with exceptional Bay Area janitorial service! They have a great operations manager dedicated to customer and franchisee satisfaction. This solid business is here to stay as more facilities and enterprises realize the importance of hiring professional janitorial services. They also have excellent pricing. Customer retention is the #1 mandate of any service business, and JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified business owners have customer retention rates well over 98%!